Are American Taxpayers Loosing Money In Flipkart Deal

Walmart has spend $16bn to acquire a 77% stake in Flipkart, India's biggest online retailer. It gives Walmart a foothold in India’s e-commerce market, which has the potential to be bigger than that of China’s. This is according to Porter Erisman, author of Six Billion Shoppers (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2017). There’s trillions in disposable income waiting in the hands of the masses of poor consumers at the bottom of India’s income pyramid. There are smaller Indian online marketplaces like Snapdeal and Paytm in partnership with Alibaba mining that fortune, too. “Two leading marketplaces, Snapdeal and Paytm, have Alibaba as a partner, which will accelerate the flood of Chinese products,” notes Erisman. “This will lead to tensions and perhaps even restrictions on Chinese goods coming into the country at the same time that “Make in India” is getting a huge push.” Walmart’s biggest US competitor Amazon that already has a large presence in the Indian e-commerce market. Walmart’s of…

Import Google Ad Campaign To Bing Platform

With the help of Google Import you can now import google Adword campaigns to Bing Ad platfom. Bing Ads advertisers can now import from Google AdWords the following: 10 thousand Campaigns. 1 million Ad Groups. 5 million keywords. 4 million ads. 2 million ad group-level and campaign-level negative keywords combined. 2 million ad group product partitions. 200,000 all other entities combined. 500,000 targets. In addition to that Bing Ads now allows advertisers to import age and gender targeting and negative keyword lists from Google AdWords. Visit this link to know more: ---------------------------------------------- Want to get your business to new heights. Connect with us at

Take Your Business To New Heights

We are a business house and we can help your business to attain new heights. There are many ways we can help you to get more customers to your business and one of the ways is by producing relevant videos. Apart from producing videos we can also provide other tailor-made service for Business Improvement. Here is the sample of two videos we produced for our customers. 1. 2. If interested connect with us through any of our websites.

9 Habits Of Happy People

If you want live happy you have to reinvent yourself. Here are 9 ways to that would help you to lead a happy life. 1. Always start with love. Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, advocates for love through "compassionate management." 2. Choose to live in a state of joy (instead of mere happiness). The joy referred to here is deeper than happiness. Yes, big difference. Joy is more serene and stable than the happiness the world offers, which is more emotional and temporary (like watching a movie you've been dying to see). 3. Choose to live in a state of peace. Choosing peace allows you to stick to the plan, even when the skeptics say you're crazy. Peace blocks distractions that try to derail you from the plan. 4. Choose the path of patience. Patience is a virtue I wish more people practiced. It helps you relax and rethink when things are snowballing out of control. 5. Choose to practice kindness. When companies create an environment of kindness lived out in corporate values d…

10 Leadership Lessons We Learned From Amazon

Through its growth path, Amazon have failed a lot. But Amazon continued to move forward and today it is at the top of E-Commerce Business.
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 There are the 10 lessons we have learned from Amazon from its failure to success journey.

 1. Give Autonomy to your employees. One of the way to attract great Leaders is to give them total autonomy. This helps employees to feel that they have total control over their projects and it motivates them too.

2. Give every employee a vision. Each and every employee should have a vision which should work inline with Amazon vision. Amazon wants its E- commerce store such, where people can find each and every product at a very reasonable price.

 3. Customer is king. Put your customer in the first position. Lets your customers who shops in your store have the best possible experience.

 4. Wait for your business to grow. With technology moving at a very fast pace, you …

Date Online Using Facebook

You can now find your life partner using Facebook. Now the question is why Facebook CEO announced in the developers conference? As per the Facebook data 200 million people using Facebook are singles. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants people to build a long term relationship. and not something temporary. You can know create Dating profiles in Facebook and this feature is an opt-in feature. So, better watch out this latest feature of Facebook as Mark want's the singles to build a long term relationship.


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