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Internet marketing consultants come in many shapes and sizes. A good consultant can take a website that is all but dead and turn it into a goldmine. What they can do for you and how well they can do it will vary, but at a minimum, they should be able to offer these three things to your site.

Fresh Ideas
One of the first things that a consultant can offer a web site is new creativity and fresh ideas. This is vital specifically because tired content and advertising have no place on the fiercely competitive web. Utilizing fresh ideas and new marketing techniques, any site will be able to bring in more traffic. New life can be brought to any website, in the hands of the right internet marketing consultant. This is one of the most compelling ways that a consultant can turn around a web site for a client.

They Do This for a Living
Another advantage a consultant might have is a greater understanding of the available internet marketing techniques to promote the site such as social media networking sites, creating RSS feeds for your site, issuing blogs for the same site that are SEO managed for better usage. They can also provide news releases, search engine optimization and newsletters for example. Marketing ideas and techniques like these can have a huge impact on any site. Sometimes changing the content is what is needed. Other times it could be a complete overhaul of the entire site so that it is more search engine friendly.

Helping You Monetize
The third way is by using giveaways, affiliate programs and other money making methods to increase the flow of traffic to your site and monetize it so that it brings you in other sources of income. Providing free samples or online discussion forums could also be a part of a good marketing plan for certain sites. A marketing consultant will have more than one trick up the sleeve when it comes to reviving an old website or creating a new one from scratch.

Just the Beginning
There are other ways that a consultant can help a web site besides the previous items. Utilizing good SEO strategies and proper content strategies can quickly turn a website around. Knowing something about web design can also be a big help when it comes to re-designing a site for a client in order to bring more traffic to their business. All the marketing strategy in the world will not help if there is not a trained mind behind the entire system. This is what separates a poor site from a killer site that brings in plenty of visitors.

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