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Search engines love the word press platform. Once a secret amongst under ground marketers, the power of this amazing tool has now been exposed to the masses so much so that simply using word press for search engine optimizing is no longer enough. Don't despair though, as in this article I will share with you 4 amazing tips that will give you theadvantage and propel your blog to the top of the search engine rankings.
1. High Quantity, Quality Content
First and foremost google search engine optimization is about having great content. Multiple pages of keyword rich content will get you ahead in the rankings but only if it is packed full of well written quality information. When writing your posts you must satisfy both your readers and the search engines, and both will mark you down if your content is bad. Always be sure t keep your readers pleased and you will in
turn please the search engines too.
2. Web Site Search Engine Optimization For WordPress Using Plugins
There are a number SEO plugins out there but my favorite plugin is Platinum SEO. This amazing little plugin allows you to define the page title, meta description and the meta keywords for each individual page, ensuring that your SEO is really targeted. The plugin is free and an essential tool in the search engine optimization consultant's armory.
3. Post Headlines
When writing a new post for your blog, one of the main things to consider is the post title. Not only should it be compelling, encouraging your blogs readers to read all the way through the post, but it also needs to include your keyword(s). Your page title is one of the main places that Google will look to understand exactly what your website content is all about, so be sure that your page headline includes the keyword you are targeting.
4. Change The Permalink Structure
The URL of your web site gives search engines another clue as to what your site is all about. Setting up the permalinks to include your category and post name will ensure that your page is listed with your keywords included as opposed to innocuous code generated by the blog.  The correct permalink structure to use is /%category%/%postname%/ which is easily changed in your word press options.
These simple tips are some of the best for optimizing word press blogs for search engines, yet are techniques unknown tomany of marketers on the web. Get in the habit of consistently employing these strategies and you will rise above your competition in next to no time.
James Reynolds is an expert Internet Marketing Consultant who specializes in Search Engine Optimizing, Web Site Promotion Services and PPC Bid Management. His proven techniques have helped numerous companies skyrocket their profits using the internet. To learn how to make big bucks online using his
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