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If you're having hard time in promoting your business, typically, social media marketing can be seen as an alternative.  With an effective tactic, it is usually considered as a means to heighten brand recognition, promote products, and establish your company as a leader in the industry.  It cannot be doubted why social media marketing really developed as a competitor to traditional media in the past.

Lots of buyers are also starting to look for advice, reviews, and tips on social media sites. Many of them make decisions based on what they hear or read. So what's not to like? However, there are really circumstances when it is discouraged to use social media marketing.

Hard Selling 
It is not easy to sell using social media directly. People use these sites for fun, connections, games, and interesting pages. They are hardly in the buying mood when they visit online communities. That's the main
reason why hard-selling will not work. It can even work against you because people will see your activities as
"advertising" rather than a venue where they can learn more about your product, get honest reviews, and receive feedback for their concerns.

Overly Conscious Nature 
Things are out of the open when you use social media sites. People talk about anything and everything about your company. They will think they have the right to do it, especially if you started this kind of initiative. Now, if you're the type of person who doesn't want to hear anything negative about your strategy or product, social media marketing may not be a good fit for you.

Very Narrow Niche 
If you're dealing with a very select group of customers, having a social media presence still helps but it won't be that effective. Take note that these followers, fans, and friends are almost a "captive" market especially if there's little or no competition. In this regard, you shouldn't see online communities as a way to promote; it should be seen as a way to interact with your market. It also allows followers to talk about your products, services, and company among themselves.

Lack of Resources 
Social media marketing is more than just creating a bunch of profiles in different sites. To help you are attaining your goals, there should be a particular method and solid steps to be undertaken. This entails the
allocation of time, people, and money. Before venturing in this initiative, make it certain that you want to take
marketing seriously.

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