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Generate Passive Income by Writing in Hubpages

There are some favourite place of our big brother google and one of this is There are  many hub's written on various topics and some of them are really of great value both in terms of content as well as information. This site is so well designed that anybody can produce a hub of their choice and earn from it.  After you have signed in go to  ' my account' then your affliate page where find  box put your adsense, Amazon,eBay and Kontera I.D's. Moreover you can also put your google analytics to see detailed statistics of visitors arriving at your hub. What is Hub score Anybody who comes across a hub will find a numerical value at the end of the title of the hub. This indicates the score of that particular hub and the numerical shown on the profile image of the author gives the total score of all the hub's the author had written. Hub score depends on many factors like the Quality of the hub how much  the title is relevent to the topic. Length…