The Different Types Of Data Migration Utilized In A Business

When data and information is converted or transferred from one format to another, the process is known as data migration. This is often done when a business' systems are upgraded or when two businesses merge. The transfer of data is generally an automated process, but there are some instances where it may be done manually. A person will need to map the old data into the new system so that it can be removed and loaded with minimal issues. The primary outcome for this process is to have the old and new systems providing the same function and minimal loss of information.

In a business, storage migration is probably the most common type of data migration, and it is by far one of the easiest. This is the process where data is simply moved from one storage area to an often larger or safer storage space. Since the formatting is not often altered during this process, little data or information is lost during the migration. The major risks for loss of information are present when converting from one type of media to another such as from a physical format to a digital one.

Application migration is an additional type of data migration that is much more difficult. Applications are normally very unique in how they are written and how they function. Normally for application migration to be successful the application will need to be entirely rewritten. In order to reach the widest market, the applications will need to be tested and retested on several various platforms.

Perhaps the most difficult type of data migration is database migration. It is more probable that some data and information will be lost during database migration because of the quantity of data that needs to be transferred. One of the most complex types of database migration is Oracle to Postgres migration. The two source codes vary dramatically and do not operate precisely the same. This type of data migration can take up a lot of time due to the fact that extensive testing needs to be done with the new code to ensure that it works properly.

A business or organization may need to perform data migration for a few purposes. It is inevitable that systems will need to be upgraded and information will need to be reformatted and transferred to the new system. Depending on what kind of data migration is necessary, the process can be very costly as well as take up a lot of time. To ensure that the process goes by smoothly, it is often recommended that an outside company be hired to facilitate the process.

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