Dumbest Question About Affiliate Marketing?

I was told one time that the dumbest question is the one that goes unasked. So if you have a question about affiliate marketing you need to get your question answered.
I see people ask questions in the Warrior Forum all of the time that may not be that hard to figure out on your own. Some of these are not the best questions and other members will criticize a question or make fun of the person asking it.
When I see this happen it makes me want to reach in my computer and strangle the person you just posted derogatory remarks about the person asking the question. There is no such thing as a dumb question about affiliate marketing.
1. What is affiliate marketing? One definition is affiliate marketing is a widespread method of promoting a website, in which an affiliate is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber and/or customer provided through their efforts.
2. What is the best affiliate product? You can make money when people click on ads, by getting leads, or by selling products.
You can also make money referring members in 2 tier affiliate programs. This is even possible with get paid to programs such as paid for surveys and reading email.
3. Should I build an email list to sell affiliate products? Yes this is a good way to make money with affiliate marketing long term.
An email list is an asset. You can make money with affiliate programs in multiple ways over and over if you do it correctly.
4. How much will I make? Zero to $100K a day. I know plenty of affiliates to never make any money.
I'm also aware of a handful of affiliate marketers who earned over $1 million a month combining paid advertising and affiliate offers. You certainly can make enough money to supplement your income or even earn a full time if you want to.
5. How do I get paid? Some programs pay by check. Some pay by direct deposit.
Many now pay with PayPal and it's a good idea to get an account set up to them. There are even instant pay affiliate programs you can get paid in your PayPal account right after you make the sale.
6. I do not have any money. Can I still make money? This is maybe the most common question I get in my email inbox every day.
It stands to reason that somebody who doesn't have any money is the one looking for the best ways to make money. It really does not cost anything to join most affiliate programs.
The Internet doesn't discriminate against you if you don't have any money either. You will have to compensate for that by spending more of your time because you can not use tools to automate your marketing as much.
This is okay because you need to learn a few affiliate marketing skills and then get busy promoting your offers. As you learn more you'll be the person who is ready to answer a question no matter how dumb it seems.
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