How To Set Up A Custom Email Address On Your Own Personal Domain Name

Instead of using one of the free email account providers for your primary email address, you may want to have your own custom email address on your own personal domain name instead. If you are going to use this email address for business or have your email address printed on your business cards then it can appear to be much more professional to have an email address based on your own domain name rather than a free email account. This article will show you how you can set up your own custom email address using your own domain name so that your business contacts will perceive you as a more professional businessperson.

The first thing to do when setting up your own custom email address is to pick how you want your email address to be formatted. With free email accounts you might need to include numbers or other characters since many of the basic email addresses will already be registered, but with your own domain name there will be no need to do this. You may choose to use your first name for the email address, or you can also use words such as "contact" or "webmaster" in order to set up an email address that you can use as an administrative contact. Since you have already paid to register your own private domain name, you are allowed to have fun with this step and pick whichever email address you like.

Once you have decided what you want your new email address to be, next you need to decide how you want to use it. You can either set up the email address to simply forward any emails sent to it to another address that you may already be using, or it can be set up as a dedicated email address where the emails are stored on a virtual inbox on your server. It can be a lot less complicated to simply set up an email address with your own domain name that forwards all emails to the account you are currently using.

If you decide that you want a completely separate email account, this is called a POP3 email address. You will want to set up your desired domain name directly with the registrar company that you have used to register your domain name. When you have configured your email address in this way you will need to use a separate piece of software on your own computer such as Outlook which will allow you to download your emails directly to your computer and read them even if you are offline. At this point, configuring your email client software to work with your new email address can be accomplished in a few simple steps depending on which software you are using, and you will now have your own custom email address on your own domain name.

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