Meet The All New HTC One S

Htc has a huge effect on the market each time it launches new units. This year they are wanting to conquer our hearts and heads by using a whole new range of devices.

One of the new mobile phone deals presented by the company is the HTC One S. This cell phone is a great midrange machine that is sure to impress all the customers. Although this mobile phone does not impress by applying new technology or benefits, it still remains a hot offer on the market.

When you first see this cell phone, you remain fascinated by its high-quality finish. It has a metallic case, which makes it appealing, and it appears to be sturdy. The big touch enabled screen is another piece of art. It is quite sensitive and provides a nice feel when handled. The AMOLED display is clear and it works in all kinds of scenarios. Compared to other midrange devices, this cell phone works better when it comes to display screen usage.

The phone has a slim design of just 8 mm and it has a lot of power. The processor provides 1.5GHz of power which is more than enough for normal work. The dual-core chip is not the hottest on the market but it is still run all kinds of software applications. This model also possess an eight megapixels camera. This small addition tends to make the cellphone great for capturing family memories. The images made with the camera are fantastic and they can be compared to any other pictures created by devices from the same range. The video quality of the movies captured with this camera is good but I cannot say that they are the best. You must know that this cell phone is not make to be a portable camera.

This Android phone also brings in the latest version of the software. You will have the opportunity to benefit from the new widget administrator which will allow you to coordinate your software applications more economically. The newest upgrade for the built-in software applications is a new version of the Music app. The new app includes a number of shortcuts from numerous music services that are widely used on the market.

The modern HTC One S will surely be a hot mobile phone this summer and I would like to own such a machine. The price is not well-known yet, but it is anticipated that it will not be very high.

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