Diagnosing- Why A Laptop Won't Boot

Laptops are fantastic devices that give people access to a library of information and a thousand different functions like emailing, chatting, and other marvels.  In fact, laptops have become a crucial part of people's lives; they hold critical information and can be utterly vital to a job or business.  This is why it can be frightening when a laptop won't boot.
Touching the power button and seeing the laptop fail to come on can be scary, maddening, and even devastating.  It doesn't have to be the end of the world, though.  With a proper diagnosis, the reason for the laptop's problem can be discovered and files can be saved from deletion or inaccessibility.

Some people may believe that once their computer fails to come on, they've lost their data forever.  This is not the case 90% of the time.  There are several reasons why a laptop might have trouble turning on, and a lot of them don't have anything to do with the hard drive.

The hard drive is the important device that stores all data.  Even if, in the end, the laptop is dead, the hard drive can be transplanted to a healthy computer to access and move data and files.

The Laptop Can't Stay On

If the laptop tries to boot for a few seconds and then fails and turns back off again, there are a few steps to take to try and diagnose the problem.

Some computers will do a series of beeps if they are experiencing a problem booting.  Grab the computer manual, and it will explain what each beep pattern means.  If the laptop tries to turn on, does a beep code, and then turns back off, it should be possible to figure the problem out by deciphering the beep code.

Another reason why the laptop might turn off before completely booting is a power supply voltage issue.  There is a switch on the laptop that will determine the voltage since different countries have different standards.  If it is set to a voltage that is incompatible with the country, it may have trouble staying on.  Make sure the voltage switch is set correctly according to the country the laptop is in.  The manual will tell what it should be.

An electrical short is also a possible reason why the laptop tries to boot but then shuts off.  A professional will have to fix a short, but if possible, do a thorough inspection of the laptop to make sure it is a short causing the problem to save money.

The Laptop Won't Come On

Sometimes when the power button is pressed, the laptop doesn't even try to boot; it just sits there dead as if nothing was pressed.  There are diagnosing methods for this problem as well.

This may sound stupid, but it's always important to check and make sure the laptop is plugged into an outlet.  This will rule out the possibility that it won't boot because it's run out of battery life.  If the laptop won't turn on when plugged into a power source, the power jack or power supply could be the problem.

The laptop can be taken to a professional to test the power supply; this is a simpler fix than some other problems.  The power jack is what connects the laptop to the charger; check to see if it looks broken or is out of place.  If it is, that is also a relatively simple fix.

Laptops are complicated machines, and there are many reasons why a laptop won't boot.  Proper diagnosis can save money and potential frustration and worry.

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