Online Jobs For Teenagers

Online jobs for teenagers are, today, the best options for teens who are looking for income. With a national unemployment rate of around 25%, lots of job seekers between the ages of 15 to 20 are competing for few available jobs. That, coupled with the fact that teenagers have the lowest level of job experience and work history means online jobs for teenagers are really the best avenue to pursue.

One great advantage online jobs for teenagers have is that the beneficiary of the teen's work doesn't have to know the worker's age or experience. The employer cares simply about results. Teenagers looking for online jobs should simply target a market that they can compete in and learn everything they can about it. When my daughter was a teenager she was online marketing her skills in web design, audio recording and maintaining the fan site of an indy band she followed.

Online jobs for teenagers aren't listed on job banks and they can't be applied to like a teenager might apply for work at a sandwich shop. These jobs must be made by the teenager him or herself. The teen needs to be an entrepreneur and pursue his or her interest and become an expert in something. Take short-term training through the continuing education classes; find a local expert and ask if they can mentor with them for a time, learn to do something of value for someone then market it on the web. A great place start to do that is where a teen can market their skill to the world at $5 a pop.

Teenagers also have the advantage of time, mental dexterity and a high degree of technical savvy. The 80/20 rule applies to them as well. 20% of the effort to learn a particular online job niche will make you better than 80% of the rest of the world at that niche. The other 80% of your effort will go into getting better than the last 20% of other people doing it.

In today's employment market a traditional job seeker between the age of 15 to 20 will spend countless hours filling out applications and dropping off scanty resumes in search of a minimum wage job. It makes far more sense for a teen to spend that time developing a marketable skill that they love to do and can sell online. Getting paid is as simple as setting up a PayPal account.

Online jobs for teenagers who are entrepreneurial and self-motivated will continue to be much easier to develop and capitalize on than the traditional "summer job" or entry level employment most teens seek. Whether it's web design, creating mobile apps, doing virtual assisting, running web sites for less technical business owners, or creating online content, online jobs for teenagers are out there for the making.

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