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I think you can at least spare 30 minutes of your 24 hours daily schedule. Yes, if you can manage and do not get bored then this Make Money Online Free site is for you. There are many ways to earn from  this site and you can try all of them. From 2007 this site has paid 1,926,500 million dollars to its members. There are many ways to receive payments from them and the most popular being Paypal.

Yes, I am talking about the site called ClixSense. This is a perfect paid per click site and you can earn a nice passive income from this site. You just have to spend 30 minutes of your valuable time. You can earn in various ways from this site.
  • By Visiting Website
  • Completing offers
  • Playing Clix Grid ( To get $10)
  • Shopping Online
  • Taking Surveys 
and last but not the least by referring others.

Comments of some Warriors from Warrior forum 

What are people saying about Clixsense? Check out some of these comments:

Originally Posted by Matt B View Post
I've made some money with Clixsense.

I've made a little bit with my clicks and referral clicks, but I've made more by advertising affiliate links there.

To be honest, with advertising affiliate links, the conversion rates have been really low. I've had profitable campaigns, but by no means was I "knocking it out of the park."

With that being said, you'd probably be better off advertising your opt-in page there, then marketing to your list. People are on clixsense to click ad's and make a fraction of a cent, they have no relationship with you yet. Whereas people that opt-in to your list are already familiar with you, and want information from you. Your conversion rates will be much, much higher with them.
Originally Posted by Samrath Gupta View Post
I have used Clixsense before and heard a lot of good things about them. when i started my IM career the only thing which attracted me was PTC because i was new to this game and got scammed by sites who promise to pay $50-$100/click LOL

I didn't made much by clixsense but if you want to make money by clixsense then you can do following things:

1- Be a regular clicker

2- Promote your affiliate link and try to get as many referrals possible because if you will have nice amounts of refs then you will 100% make money for FREE by the work of your refs

To Your Success
Samrath (-Sam-)

You can also upgrade yourself to Premium by paying $17 valid for one year. (If  you have any balance in your account then you can adjust it when you are upgrading yourself to premium). The main advantages of being premium member is 
  • Most advertiser prefer to display their ads to this class as they have purchased  premier membership by using their credit card or through online bank transfer.
  •  You will get commission up to 8 level when your direct referral clicks any ad, makes purchase and so on. The earning potential of this Make Money Online-free site is enormous.
  • When you are playing lix Grid you will get 60 chances for premium members against 30 for standard members.
Why not give this Paid per Click a try.

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