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Yes, there are many good website where you can earn money from the comforts of your home. One of such site is Clixsense. The pays you for your work and you get more money by referring others to this site. The basic things to follow while earning from this site is
  • Click ads daily
  • Try to do every tasks they provide
  • Complete offers
  • and last but not the least refer people to this site.
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How to make money fast

There are two types of membership available in Clixsense. One is the Standard membership which is free and the other is the Premium membership which $17/year. If you follow a routine you can make huge money from this premium membership. Compared to other site the premium membership is very low. You can pay your upgrade fees through Paypal or Payza. Both the sites are free to join and you can join any time.
After you had joined you can start clicking ads as you would be receiving more ads on account of your premium membership.

A premium member earns 10% of the referral earnings for life time.
  • If you are a Standard member you would earn less than 5% of referral income.
  • If your referral upgrades to Premium hen you would earn $2 instantly.
  • If your referral  earns $1 you will earn  $ 0.50
Clixsense has one of the most attractive affiliate program. Suppose you have 5 direct referrals and each of your direct referrals also refer 5 each then you would get a percent of their income up to 8 levels. The income potential is enormous.

Now the question comes as to how to get referrals. There are many ways to get it.

  • With the help of social media like facebook, twitter etc
  • through social bookmarking
  • through traffic exchange and safelist
  • by writing articles.  
Join the program and see it yourself.

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