Email marketing service- how to choose the best

Email marketing service has become one of the most preferred way to bring your business or service in front of your customers. Today it has become one of the  easy and cost-effective way to reach your both existing and potential customers. This is one of the best way of online advertising to maintain a good relationship with your customers.

While selecting your email service provider you should consider the following points.

Cost comparison 

Lot size
Constant contact
Get response

* Price varies  depending on the lot size and other variables.

It is quite obvious that with the time your list size would grow and you may find it difficult to manage the cost.

You can have unlimited lists and unlimited customers.

Major ISP's like Gmail, Yahoo do not block your emails and they do not land in your spam box.

You can develop a passive income route with the help of the Affiliate program  

You can try the system Free for 30 days.

This email marketing service provider charges you only $17.95 per month fixed.

Yes, I am talking about (Click here to join)

Now a question may arise that as Traffic wave has a fixed Fee structure do this auto responder have all the features present? Yes they do have them like 

  • Email broadcasters
  • Link tracker
  • Provides you with hosting if you do not have your own hosting account.
In fact Traffic Wave gives you all the features which other services provider provides.

Traffic wave has a very easy to use interface and it is cost effective too. If you have just started out you go to their Wiki section. Here you would get both video's as well as PDF versions to get you started. 
Last but not the least Traffic Wave CEO Brian Rooney does a monthly training to help us to learn the system. Visit this link to see one of his Hangout's

Commission Structure

Traffic Wave has an excellent commission structure. Most of the  autoresponder provides only one level or two level of commission structure. For example, Getresponse had a two-tier structure but now they have shifted to one. But if you look at Traffic Wave they provide you 10 level commission structure. If you are into affiliate marketing then with particular email marketing service provider you can easily generate residual income opportunity.

If you want to know details about the commission structure then watch the video for details. 

In a nutshell Traffic Wave is a decent autoresponder service with the help of which you can generate a decent  level of commission from their Affiliate program.


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