How to do email marketing in a cost effective way

Let us start the article with a quote:
  • “To help people get better and become smarter with their marketing.”
Recently while I was searching the  through the internet about the cost effective ways to send emails, I came across various companies providing solutions to my problem. Among all the companies, one caught my eyes. It was Traffic Wave, a company which combines your email marketing with an earning potential. 

Benefits of using Traffic Wave

Now the question comes, why should one join Traffic Wave. Yes, the benefits are immense.
  • Irrespective of your list size they charge a flat fee of $17,95 per month
  • You would get a 30 days free trail.
  • Excellent reputation with major ISP's like Gmail, Yahoo etc 
  •  A great inbox deliverability so that your emails does not land in the spam box.
  • You can earn while building your list.
Traffic wave is doing business from the year 2000 and the company is based on Houston, Texas.

Affiliate Programme 

There are multiple benefits of using this program like a top quality product yet comes with fixed price. Last but not the least has an excellent affiliate program.

Payout plan:

If you can make 10 personal referral sales you have an potential to earn $88,587.
This is not over- you can earn fast track bonus $17.95 i.e 100% bonus paid weekly. Your monthly charge becomes free.

Apart from this you would also earn leadership bonus.

Moreover when you reach 10 personally referred sales ( known as the Tsunami level) you would earn half the earnings of your personal referrals have earned.

If you are new to email marketing, there are lots of training materials inside site for anyone to learn. Moreover Mr. Brain Rooney the CEO of Traffic wave provides live webinar from time to time. Here is the link to one of his Hangout's 

Visit this link and join Traffic Wave to earn and grow your list


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