How sketch videos can make your teaching wonderful.

What is Easy Sketch Pro (ESP)
This piece of software helps you to create Professional Doodle Sketch video within minutes.You can easily download the  software to your computer and it has both the Windows and Mac version. While producing your video's you can add your own voice or music from the rich collection of music you get with the software. There are also many more features which would render your videos with a professional look.
Now  Easy Sketch Pro have come out with a School Edition. I have created an infographic that would help you to understand the benefits of using this piece of software for interactive learning. I have deliberately used the word interactive learning as this  learning would be from both sides teachers as well as from the students.

Now Easy Sketch Pro have come out with an affiliate program which you can join and get yourself promoting this software to schools. There are three levels of memberships – Basic level where you would receive 30% commission, Business level where you would receive 50% commission and Franchise level you would receive whooping 80% commission respectively.

You can register yourself as an Affiliate by visiting this link.


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