How not to feel Lonely

There is a Zen proverb “Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it’s dark.” If you have started to feel lonely may be for various reasons it is you who have to overcome this mental stage. It may so happen your girlfriend broke away from you. Yes, you would be facing a mental trauma. Keeping positive is very important at this stage. I know it is very difficult but still you are the only one who can overcome this situation. The major problem one faces in this situation is the circumstances where you both have been. The time you have spend together, the places you have visited the parties you have both attended together. This are some of the major obstacles one have to overcome to fight with loneliness. Some of the things you can try to overcome the loneliness feeling. a. Take a pet of your choice. b. Join some community work. c. Make a surprise party with your close friends. d. Join Gym and do Yoga. Mediation is a very good exercise at this stage. Visit the link for more


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