How to cope with Loneliness

 Many of us grow up in different ways. As our families get nuclear we all experience different forms of loneliness. You can come across a situation where you would find yourself excluded from your family members and other siblings. There are some children who likes to be alone. To these children loneliness has a different meaning. As we grow up our main focus lies with our school friends and we feel very dejected if we are left alone in our friend's circles. This memory hunts us long time to come and it acts as a bitter memory even during reunion. This feeling of loneliness can be treated to a great extent if try to explore our inner bonding. Getting your self into some form of creative art also help's one to over come this feelings and they do not feel the loneliness/emptiness. But the main problem is still however way you overcome this phobia, yo need to have somebody with whom you can share your thoughts achievements and failures.
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