Signs of Loneliness

What makes us very happy. Some people tells that having lot's of fame and fortune makes us feel very happy. But it is not true. We are really happy when we are together with our loved one's. They are the one whose love and togetherness helps us to overcome the loneliness feelings. Studies indicate that roughly around 20% of the population suffers from the feeling of loneliness and it increases to 62.5 % for older adults. Loneliness has a impact on both our physical and mental health. On the physical side loneliness can increase the chance of heart disorder thereby shorten our life span. On the mental side it may lead to depression. To combat loneliness first thing you can do is to take the initiative. If you are married or living with somebody, it may so happen that she/he is also facing the same situation. Sit down together and talk, do some work which you both love. If you are married for a long time you can have a feeling what your partner is thinking. So take action accordingly. Last but not the least it is you who have to try and come out of the feeling of loneliness. Visit the link for details Partha Gupta


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