Relationship advice for Men from Women Maintaining a healthy relationship is not easy. In the course of life there is always bumps in your relationship. If you cannot recognize it earlier it may result in break-up. So it is always better to understand it at the earliest and take necessary action to avoid the final outcome. There are many reasons for break up in relation. Here are some of them : 1. Poor or lack of communication Lack of poor communication or no communication is very dangerous for any relationship. With proper communication you can break any ice and bring back your relationship to a healthy track. So having proper relationship is a very vital sign of keep the relationship on track. 2.Not supporting each other goals and ambitions. In today's world each and everybody has his/hers ambitions and goals. Sharing each other goals and ambitions is a vital area in building a healthy relationship. In the process of sharing one gives the feeling of loving and caring. This is a very important factor in maintaining a healthy relationship. 3. Not going along partner's family and friends. This is a important factor as he/she has to respect each other family and friends. You cannot shut yourself from your partner's family and friends. You should always treat them as your friends too. To know more visit the link below inspirational relationship quotes perfect relationship quotes true relationship quotes quotes for relationship


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