How to save your Relationship

Visit the link below Are apprehending that your relationship is failing. Naturally a question comes into your mind as to how to save your relationship? Now relationship is a complicated thing and it does not go with the situation we see in the movies or read in the books. You should be thinking what is wrong with my relationship. Should I have to go for counseling? Now in this situation we both should agree that there is a problem with the relationship and we should both try to solve it. The main point in solving a relationship problem - is to identify what went wrong and from that point we can focus on rectifying our faults. No counseling can solve the relationship problem if we are not in a position to solve it ourselves. It may always give you some positive result if any one of you become submissive and generate a feeling that you really want to rectify the relationship problem that both of you are undergoing. Explaining that you sincerely do not want the relationship to be broken can make things easy. Visit the link below


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