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Fiverr- tips and tricks to use fiverr

 Fiverr is a great place to fulfill your requirements of doing small jobs. You may be working either online or offline Fiverr is great place to outsource some of your jobs. It can be anything starting from webdesign, link building, SEO etc.

 For details you can visit the link

Video Transcript
hey guys my name is Corey and I'm the author of fiber success and I'm here to show you guys my sales page on Fiverr as well as talk a little bit about my ebook as you can see I am a top rated seller on Fiverr I make four thousand bucks a month and I only work about eight hours or so a week total usually less so as you can see I've made over four I made over four thousand bucks this month and my average selling price for my gigs is eight dollars this is on the low end typically we will see is a lot of people who are successful on Fiverr sell about $20 or so average I'm all about volume so I try to get 40 or more orders a day and that's how I make my money on Fiverr I do sell gig extras but I only charge five bucks from all of them and I talk about this in my new book as well it's a bit purely depends on what you're selling so if you have a gig that you can charge 100 bucks forget your trip go for it but in my case it was all about volume I'm just trying to sell a lot as you can see I only have three negative reviews on my gigs so that's really good most of these negative reviews came in the beginning of my fiber career so I go into that in my book as well how to avoid and letting anyone leave a negative review on any of your gigs it's very key because the first thing that anyone does when they go to your gig page it is scroll down and they look at your negative reviews if you have none it's going to encourage them to buy your gig as simple as that and I also have a 10% cancellation percentage which is okay because you don't really want to have more than this but most of these gigs that were cancelled were cancelled by me I didn't want anyone to leave a negative review so if someone was complaining about the gig or they weren't satisfied with it I will just cancel it let the buyer get their money back and not let them leave a review because if you cancel the gig they can't leave a review and you might think while I'm losing money right there or four bucks or how much they spent including gig extras but you're actually going to make more money in the long run because a gig with no negative reviews or very little is a very good thing it's gonna encourage more sales increase this the conversion percentage I also talked about this in my ebook as well you typically want to have between 10 to 25% conversion if you have more to my website or power - that's great but realistically you're probably gonna get between 10 to 25 if you're doing really well on Fiverr you want to have 20 active gigs so if if you're just starting out you want to have 20 gigs that's what that's the microphone fibre allows you and just take advantage of that and just have 20 gigs and see what works what doesn't and you can start cutting down from there I also talked about how you can go around this and actually have more than 20 gigs but that's in my ebook as well as you can see I've made basically someone's full-time salary on my 13 months or so here on Fiverr and I haven't even been working like a full-time employee I've done less than part-time work even and I talked about in my book what gigs to sell what gigs are in demand how to sell them even how to outsource some of them for very cheap I also talked about my delivery system how I how I maintain efficiency on Fiverr so I don't want to spend too much money on the sorry which time on this site so I have a system on how I deliver and process gig orders I also talk about my road to top-rated seller I can't guarantee you guys will become a top-rated seller because that something fiber manually picks but I can show you how I did it and you can replicate my success so that's all I want to talk about right now guys thanks a lot for watching this video I hope you guys purchase the e-book and if you do let me know how it goes for you agree until you guys find some success on Fiverr it's really easy thanks a lot guys


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